Admission Requirements

We are not accepting any new applications at this time

To enroll, your child must be a minimum of 10 years old. This condition is only for boarding students. Local students may attend from the age of 6.

Boarding is only available for male students.

All our programs are available to adults, regardless of age.

Students living in the United States must acquire a student visa. After successfully registering with Al-Rashid, students will be given a letter to present to Canadian border authorities. The border authorities will supply a student visa at their discretion.

All Canadian applicants must have legal status in Canada. (ie. Citizen, Permanent Resident etc.)

Admission is open any time during the academic year; however, admission is limited to space availability plus an interview with the principal.

The tuition and boarding fee is $3,000 CDN per year for Canadian residents. This fee must be paid at admission. Please pay by cheque or money order.

Registration Procedure

Please fill out the registration form HERE, and submit it.

If your application is accepted you will be contacted by phone or email to appear for an interview.

Please bring the following to the interview:

1. If your child has any special health conditions, or child custody orders, please inform the principal and attach copies of any related documents.

2. If your child has attended an educational institution in Ontario, please fill and sign the Authorization of OSR Transfer Form. . First save the form on your computer. Complete the registration form on your computer, do not complete by hand. Only the dating and signing of the form is to be completed by hand.

3. Submit a copy of your child’s Health Card.

4. Bring a photocopy of any legally recognized document or identification that contains your child’s full name and birth date. Example: Birth Certificate, Passport, etc. (Please do not bring originals)

5. Bring a photocopy of any legally recognized document or identification that contains at least one parent's full name and birth date. Example: Birth Certificate, Passport, Health Card etc. (This is not required for adult students)

6. Submit your child's most recent elementary report card. If your child is currently enrolled in high school, please submit a transcript. Transcripts can be requested from your previous school. If you do not have a transcript please submit all high school report cards.

7. Submit a photocopy of your child’s immunization records. The original is not necessary. We are collecting immunization records based on new policies set by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

For your convenience we have included the following lists of supplies to better prepare your child for the upcoming school year:

Boarding and Religious Class Supplies List

School Supplies List