About Al-Rashid Islamic Institute

Physical Location and Facilities

The Institute, whose beautifully landscaped grounds cover an area of 18 acres, is situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Cornwall, Ontario. This Canadian city, located between Montreal and Toronto is 60 miles from Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and approximately 3 miles from the U.S.A.

Purchase of School Building

Al-Rashid Islamic Institute began operating in 1980 in Montreal. At the time teaching was conducted at different venues while a search for a permanent location went on in earnest. A suitable place was found in Cornwall, Ontario, in 1985. This property was formerly a hospital, then a nursing home. It also neighbours an elementary public school which has since closed down, and by the Grace of Allah was purchased by the Institute in 2003. All elementary and high school are now held there and Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha prayers are performed in the Gymnasium every year.

Purchase of Land for Cemetery

It is a crucial part of an Islamic identity to have a distinct Muslim cemetery. Some effort was being made towards this goal when opportunity arose in 2005, and approximately 500 feet east of the Institute, a 72 acre parcel of land was purchased. It is suitable for any kind of further development, but for the time being, a process is underway to turn a part of the land into a graveyard.